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Our Sicilian Cuisine

We have a great passion for the traditional?cuisine of? our family…it’s a mix of Madonie and Palermian?cuisine and I also like very much to invent and recreate…so I would like to propose my cuisine and let people?discover it! I hope you will enjoy it!

I put some photo exemples of my dishes…in this moment they are few because I’m starting just now my activity, but little?by little I will update my recipes and add more!



Is a delicious?sweet basicly made with milk, it’s creamy and soft and it’s a very light sweet…you can?eat it without feeling guilty!?You can have it in?some different versions…like with strawberries or with “taralle” (kind of?biscuits from Castelbuono).

You need:

75 gr of wheat starch

1 liter of milk

150 gr sugar

lemon peel


these are the basic ingredients, then you can add cinnamom or cacao?over the cream, ?raisins or biscuits into it…and so on. The example in the photo is the one with strawberries.

Put in the pan the wheat starch with the sugar and add little by little the milk. You have to take great care in mixing the ingredients, being careful not to make form lumps. Then add the lemon peel and the vanilla and put it on the fire. You have to mix, always taking care of lumps, till it starts to boil, then it’s ready! If you want you can add fruits or put biscuits, imbiued with marsala wine, in a dish and spill the cream over them.





??“Carciofi alla villanella”

This?is a very simple way?to?cook artichokes?but the results are ?surprising.

Remove the external leaves?of?the artichokes, till you get to the softer ones; cut the prickles and then cut?artichokes in four pieces. Wash them and re-cut every part in two.

You have to cut?the onion (one medium onion is enough for six artichokes) in very very small pieces, then?put it in the pot with artichokes, salt, olive oil, ?parsley and if you want (this is my variation) some pine nuts. Add one dipper of water?and let them cook slowly till they are soft.